WhatsApp data transfer from android to ios


 WhatsApp data transfer from android to ios

Changing phones frequently is a common thing these days.* Once iPhone users start using an Android phone, they can easily transfer photos and videos from their old iPhone to their new Android phone.

Transferring videos and photos from an old phone to a new phone is important for all of us. We know how Android phone users can change such media files when they buy a new Android phone. Now it is possible to transfer files from an Android phone to an iPhone with the help of the app. Just use the app called the move to ios for this.

Many people have doubts about how to transfer media files including videos and photos from iPhone to Android phones. There are many ways to do this. The first is that you can transfer data using your computer. The second way is to share photos and videos to the new phone with the help of Google Drive. The third way is using iCloud and the fourth is using Google Photos. Let’s take a detailed look at these ways to transfer videos and photos from your old iPhone to your new Android phone.

Transferring media files using a computer…

• Connect your iPhone to the computer and unlock it. • Give PC access to your iPhone photos and videos on demand. Tap on Hello for this. • Open the Photos app on your PC by clicking the Windows Start button. • Now select the Import option. Then click on the Connected Device option. • Select the photos and videos you want to import and click on Import. If you do this, the media files on the iPhone will reach the Android phone. It can also be accessed in the gallery.

Android smartphone 

• Connect your Android smartphone to PC • In the notification panel, you will see a message ‘Charging this device via USB’. Tap on it and see its options. • Select File Transfer option in Options. • Go to the folder where photos and videos are saved on your PC. Select the photos and videos you want to transfer, right-click and select Copy option. • On PC go to My Computer option > Select Android > Camera > DCIM folder > Right click and select Paste.

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Transfer media using Google Drive…

• Download the Google Drive app on your iPhone and log in to your account. • Tap the Add button > Upload. • Now go to Photos and Videos. • Select the photos you want to transfer and press Upload. • On your Android phone, open Google Drive and log in to your Google Account. • Find and select your uploaded photos and videos. • Tap on the menu button at the top right corner of the app. • Tap the Download button.

Transfer media using iCloud…

• Sync all photos and videos on your iPhone with your iCloud account. For that go to Settings Apps > Photos > iCloud Photos > Toggle iCloud Photos option. • Open the Google Chrome web browser on your Android phone. • Go to iCloud.com and log in to your account. • Go to Photos section and tap on Select All option. • Tap the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen. • Tap on Download. Transferring media using Google Photos • Download the Google Photos app on your iPhone and log in to your Google account. • Google Photos will now ask you if you want to sync photos at high quality during settings. Enter the desired option. • Open Google Photos on your Android smartphone and log in to your account. All photos and videos synced and uploaded from iPhone can be found there. You can download whatever you want.

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